Ariel Pentzke

Ariel Pentzke
Ariel Pentzke is the lead producer and general manager for the fabously popular Nicapaparazzi show in Nicaragua. While his background is in IT he found three passions which he now follows, Nicaragua, cooking and eating Nicaraguan food, and producing both TV shows and radio shows.

Avocationally Ariel enjoys cooking, salsa dancing, surfing, cultural photography and simply relaxing with his family. His photography work has won some aclaim and he uses it as a way to express himself in his website

In younger days another one of his passion was beautiful power cars and he was the founding member of the very successful car club in Miami called and he still donates his web design talents and guidance to the club even though he currently lives in Managua, Nicaragua and cannot be involved regularly in the club affairs.
Ariel has ambitious plans to explore all aspects of the Nicaraguan heritage and has several Nicaragua related shows in pre-production. Ariel is a proud American citizen but still has a strong love of his native country which is currently setting roots in after living in Nicaragua for over 3 years straight.

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